Alison Bainbridge


With 20+ years’ experience in retail research, Alison’s clarity of vision and commercial savvy have won trust at the top of many major brands. Her expertise imbues ABA’s ethos and, at project level, drives true insight and effective business actions.

Mark Taylor

Joint MD and Business Development Director

With over 10 years at ABA, Mark leads our commitment to giving clients best-in-class service. His assured, friendly approach has played a pivotal role in delivering a fast-expanding client portfolio where, crucially, the standards offered to each have got even higher.

Mike Wallis

Joint MD and Finance Director

A Deloitte-trained Chartered Accountant with a blue-chip background, Mike's experience is crucial to ABA's success. His belief in strong processes and sound thinking, coupled with his unflappable good sense, ensure we consistently raise our output levels.

Yvette Allen

Director of Insight

One of ABA’s most gifted researchers, Yvette oversees our commitment to steeping every project in the best and latest ABA thinking. Equally adept at quantitative and qualitative, she excels at producing clear, incisive recommendations that compel action.

Natalie Geddes

Director of New Thinking

Working from the foundations of ABA’s retail-wide renown for rigour and effectiveness, Natalie leads our constant search for new ways of generating deeper insights and more potent solutions. She’s achieved the difficult feat of making our award-winning proposition stronger.

Nathan Hester

Head of Client Services and Research Director

Nathan’s friendly, engaging manner has been key in building close working relations with clients. However, responsible for seeing that each ABA project team offers a highly responsive, bespoke service, his research acumen is vital to every client receiving the best.

Gemma Haddock

Director of Research Services

A hugely experienced researcher, Gemma now orchestrates our commitment to devoting the optimum ABA team to each client. In monitoring projects, she’s highly adept at both flexing resources to meet evolving needs and ensuring client/ABAer partnerships develop positively for all.

John Hussey


Having been at ABA since the last century, John’s skills and experience are vital to one of our defining characteristics – clear, compelling written outputs. He’s integral to ABA’s emphasis on strongly-argued findings that equip clients with the confidence to act.

Karen Broadbent

Head of Field and Administration

An unflappable leader and superb organiser, Karen oversees a Field team that’s won an outstanding reputation for accurate recruitment. Her experience means she can understand the nuances of each client’s needs and anticipate the challenges in finding perfect respondents.

Roger Woodford

Head of IT

Roger’s blend of top-class technical and leadership skills means ABA’s in-house team of developers are able to work quickly and precisely in designing ideal IT solutions – making sure clients always benefit from innovative, effective and brand-appropriate support.

Stephen Kay

Head of Data Services

With over 5 years at ABA, Stephen oversees a Data team that offers the accuracy and speed central to clients getting the right advice at the right time. His creative problem-solving skills and can-do attitude deliver consistent excellence.

James Madeley

HR Director

James heads our quest to make ABA the best place to work it can be. His energy, passion and professionalism have seen us recruit and develop ABAers of such calibre that our services have reached new heights of originality and effectiveness.

Heidi Watson

Marketing Director

With 20 years’ experience in retail, FMCG marketing and innovation, Heidi brings tremendous brand and business acumen to our work - plus a client-side perspective that allows ABA to talk with senior stakeholders in a language they recognise and trust.