Top-class IT

Over the last 15 years we have consistently invested in our in-house IT capabilities to give us total quality control and maximum responsiveness. Q-Gen, our proprietary software, provides attractive, cost-effective surveys. Bespoke, responsive portals then make the data immediately accessible, in a polished and easy-to-digest form, for all stakeholders.


Our clients make big decisions on the back of our research, meaning top-quality fieldwork is a must. That’s why we have the best interviewers and recruiters in the field – overseen by a head-office team with a long track record of delivering smooth-running, high-standard projects. All UK interviewers are ABA-employed and trained to use tablets for fast and accurate results.

Viewing facility

The White Rooms is ABA’s purpose-built window into consumers’ minds. Designed by researchers, it represents the perfect blend of modernity and comfort whilst delivering the very highest levels of service.

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