At the heart of the story


Through integrity and collaboration we develop true partnerships that generate 100% confidence amongst clients. Ultimate proof is our enduring relationships with many blue-chip companies – underlined when we won 'Most Trusted Advisor' in AURA's 2013 awards.


We find deep insights that push boundaries. To do this we employ bright, natural talent, fuse multiple sources of evidence and tap into our extensive retail heritage/expert network to provide thought leadership.


Having discovered great insights, we’re passionate about seeing these acted upon. We’ve nailed a few strategies for this e.g. turning debriefs into holistic stories, writing in McKinsey 'pyramid' style to make the big messages hit home and bringing findings to life creatively.

Mike Anastasis


On 27 September 2011 ABA lost a man whose spirit, intelligence, wit and wisdom were instrumental in us becoming a bigger, better company. Mike was a Finance Director of great acumen and integrity and, more than that, was a father figure whose generous nature reminded us that the most important things aren’t recorded on balance sheets. ABA will always be guided by his common sense and warmth.

You can make a donation in memory of Mike by going to: The British Heart Foundation here